Activate Leadership

Activate Conference was founded by Lead Pastor Joshua Gagnon and Next Level Church with the hope of seeing churches and leaders in unchurched regions unite for the cause of seeing people far from God moved to life in Jesus Christ. Today, Activate has grown to be much more than just an annual conference, existing as a resource for church and business leaders to equip them with the necessary leadership skills to thrive in their roles. Activate is our way of doing our part to provide engaging and affordable relationships and connections, free resources, and leadership opportunities to people trying to share Jesus in America’s least churched regions.

Lead Better Group

Lead Better Group is founded by Pastor Joshua Gagnon to equip, coach, and resource leaders in churches, ministries, and businesses so they can lead better. Ranging from downloadable resources to coaching networks to individual consulting, Lead Better provides practical, actionable tools to leaders and specializes in contextualizing its work to the unique needs and circumstances of each leader’s context.

It’s Not Over

Leaving Behind Disappointment And Learning To Dream Again

In It’s Not Over, Pastor Joshua Gagnon reminds us that we were born to dream—and to dream big. In fact, our dreams have the power to shape our lives. Join Joshua in discovering the answers to these questions and many more…


  • How does dreaming help you discover your purpose?

  • How do you identify if a dream is even worth chasing?

  • How do you overcome resistance, criticism and doubt?

  • How do you pray bold prayers when you don’t feel like praying at all?

  • How do you finish strong on the journey toward your dream?

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