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Takeaways for Leaders:

Three things that leaders should be working on:

  1. IQ – Intelligence Quotient. Always desire to grow and gain intelligence. The moment our competency ends, our lid is reached. The only way to know what you don’t know is to learn what you don’t know. Leaders should be connecting with people who are a step or two above us and learn from them and help us expand our competence.

  2. EQ – Emotional Quotient. Far more people will be held back as leaders because of their emotional maturity rather than their intelligence.
  3. AQ – Adaptability Quotient. If you’re not able to adapt or be willing to change, then you’re going to be left behind. We have to be people who are willing to adapt to the situations and circumstances that we are placed in. Leaders should be able to change with the culture, organization, and personal growth.