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Today’s episode is a conversation with Pastor Graham Siemon, who serves as NLC’s Creative Pastor. Listen in as he talks about creating content for the weekends.

Graham’s email: [email protected]

Mentioned in this Episode:

Example of a message outline

Takeaways for Leaders:

How far out are we typically planned?
2-3 series ahead for the team. Personal message content is 1 week out.
Live in the creative pattern you work in.
Our culture as a creative team is a “start with ‘yes’” mentality.

Where does your idea for message series begin? Do you have any sort of annual flow you try and follow?
We try to be culturally and seasonally relevant, and reach the felt needs of the people of our church.
Ask: What in culture is already creating a series?
Whatever is on Pastor Josh’s heart.
Look in the past at which series was the most impactful.

How many weekends a year do you aim to teach and why that number?
There’s a danger of only having one voice in the house. 

Any tips on identifying and developing a teaching team?
Be okay with someone who is 70% as good as you are. Recognize that the church won’t crumble because you aren’t on stage. We stick to a similar structure no matter who is teaching, but don’t mimic the same teaching style and personality as another. Be yourself on stage. Don’t be afraid to reach out to teaching pastors at other churches and ask to use one of their messages, allowing you to have a week off.