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Today’s episode is part 3 of a continued conversation of episodes 199 and 200. If you missed them, go back and take a listen! 

Takeaways for Leaders:

Sometimes I need you to encourage me. Sometimes I need you to bring me good news. 

It’s okay to be open with me about your struggles. Not everyone has this culture to be open, but it reflects the personality and leadership style of Pastor Josh in his authenticity. Being honest with where you’re struggling is not a sign of weakness; it’s an opportunity to build trust. 

Own the vision as your own. Once the decision has been made, you should be on board. A healthy team looks like everyone recognizing everyone’s contribution and working towards the same goal. Don’t be a coward – don’t wait until things go wrong to speak up against it and complain about the results. Just pray for me. All leaders feel the weight and burden of the calling God has for them. There’s power in prayer and knowing that you’re cared for.