Why I Stopped Blogging

November 15th, 2011

I have tons to say about the new building and the record crowds we have been seeing but I’m not sure I’ve found the right outlet for that type of information yet. I think blogging is being used around the country as a measuring stick to compare which churches are the “best”, most controversial and to find junk on a fallen pastor or to further idolize rock star pastors. So with all that said I’ve stopped blogging until I feel like I can do so without a fake purity that pins my false intention on the cross of Christ. I struggle with a great deal of insecurity and blogging to all my “fans”, critics, NLCers, or to pastors I’m thinking about as I write ONLY deepens my dependency on the thoughts of others instead of growing into a man who lives for the audience of one!

I wanted to share with NLC the amazing job our creative team did for our new series coming in Nov. Please keep inviting your friends! NLC, we are just getting started, we haven’t even boarded the plane! http://vimeo.com/m/32153610

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