June 16th, 2011

k…First things first, all my proof readers are out of the office, so I already know the grammar is wrong, no need to email! :) We have seen Jesus do immeasurable more than we could ever think or imagine over the last three years and yesterday was NO different! We’ve been looking to launch a NLC location in the Rochester area for about 3 months…we’ve always thought we would have a location in Rochester, but over the last three months more and more people have been asking us to make it a priority, so we did :) We have hundreds of families that travel to NLC from Rochester and the surrounding areas and over the last few months we have been looking at different options and opportunity’s to launch a location in Rochester! Yesterday, we HAD A FACILITY GIVEN TO US! I know that sounds to good to be true and a lot like hearing the sun stood still, but it’s true! We actually have a 10 year lease on a facility for thousands of feet of space, 16 ft ceilings and awesome parking, UNREAL location, awesome landlord, awesome soccer field out back, JUST AWESOME! Did I mention free!!!! Talk about a low risk move that will produce a huge impact! We will be able to seat plenty of people, along with have an UNREAL NLCkids area, awesome offices and a HUGE foyer! We’re even painting the outside of the facility NLC colors! I’m in awe of what God is doing at NLC, this isn’t normal :) I couldn’t hype this up enough! I Brought some people there today and even after hearing the story they couldn’t believe how unreal this is! We have already been to the city and have some planning meetings coming up to look over our usage and build out, it’s part of the process :) I’ve heard of miracles but now I’m living right in the middle of one, this will allow us to launch several more locations over the next few years!  IT’S ALL ABOUT JESUS and I’m so blown away and humbled by his favor!

I’ll be talking  a lot more about our fourth location over the next few weeks! Our team cried and was pumped up after reading this journal entry by George Whitefield in 1745! Be ready Rochester :) Be ready Boston you may be next :) THANK YOU JESUS MAY YOU RECIEVE ALL TH GLORY AND MAY YOU WILL BE DONE!

GEORGE WHITEFIELD in Rochester, New Hampshire, 1745

Preached yesterday twice with much divine power to large Congregations for the Rev’d Mr. Cushing at (in Dover) and today once for the Rev’d Mr. Main of Rochester outermost settlement in the province of New Hampshire, where they fetch masts for the King of Briton. They lie most exposed to the Indians, and are obliged here and adjacent provinces to build garrisons for their defense.

But I thought, the situation was very delightful, and could not help but looking over the present uninhabited Woods, between this and Canada, with a believing prospect that these howling wildernesses would, ere long, in God’s time, be turned into fruitful fields, and that Jesus would take them as being given Him by the Father into his own possession.

I thought I felt something of what the Patriarch Abraham felt when he was the Redeemer’s day afar off, and rejoiced. We wait for your visitation O Lord.” (Journals, 556-557)

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