June 9th, 2011

I watched my first hockey game EVER last night! I’ve obviously watched pieces of hockey games before but last night was the first game I’ve watched in its entirety! I actually REALLY enjoyed it and plan on watching tomorrow night’s game as well. I talked to my dad this morning and he said “I forgot how exciting hockey was, there’s so much action” to which I replied, “that’s only because it’s the playoffs!” Here’s what I know: the level of intensity, checking, shots on goal and desire to win would all decrease drastically if it was the regular season and not the Stanley Cup. So, with that in mind, I’m not really interested in watching the regular season, but if the Bruins go to the playoffs again next year you can bet I’ll be watching! That thought this morning, moved me to think about how many churches treat the summer like the regular season of our year. We know that attendance will be down, momentum won’t be at it’s highest and there typically will be less guests. For the three years NLC has existed we have treated summer like the playoffs! We have a saying at NLC – churches that grow in the summer explode in the fall! Now, that doesn’t mean you are going to see numerical growth as in huge overall attendance numbers. It means if NLC grows several families a weekend during the summer when all the vacationing and apathetic Christians come off summer break in the fall, we will not have enough seats! We support family vacations and encourage people to get away, we have chosen not to base our energy off of the overall number. For example, Memorial Day we were down almost exactly 250 people from the weekend prior and this past weekend we had a huge crowd! BUT, each weekend we had several salvations and several new families that loved NLC and plan on attending! Numbers are all over the place, but God’s kingdom is growing because this past weekend we DID NOTHING different than we do on Easter, not a thing! Why? Because it’s always the Stanley Cup at NLC! The other thing to remember is when you don’t treat the summer like the playoffs the first time guest who may not know Jesus Christ isn’t going to become a fan of Jesus because of our lukewarm approach!

Now this blog is geared mostly to church leaders but NLCers listen up :) YOU NEED TO TREAT the summer like the playoffs as well because Jesus hasn’t called us to a part time commitment but to a sold out commitment of following him! NLC, let’s go all in this summer and embrace the opportunity to love those far from God and move them to life in Christ! Not to mention, we are doing the best teaching series we’ve ever done this summer!

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