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How Big is your God?

September 12th, 2009

    Have you ever stopped to think about how BIG your God is? last night Jen and I went out on “date night” and my parents as usual, watched our two boys.  When we got home, oddly enough we started talking about outer space…I don’t remember the last time I’ve talked about the moon, stars, galaxies or planets but I felt like a little kid.  When my parents left at 11:30PM… as tired as I was I couldn’t go to bed….instead I stayed up googling pictures of outer space.  I started thinking about whether or not there was water on certain planets…some of the planets are billions of light years away and my mind was thinking about how cool it would be if there was another place called “earth”.  What about the black hole, what the heck is that all about? Not to mention, just the thought of the sun being gas and fire freaks me out. But I must say at 29 years old, as kindergarten as it sounds, the thing that really had me all jacked up was how planet earth made of a ball of water can just exist in space…I know about gravity (I’m not that dumb) but think about it, don’t just use your head knowledge. Seriously, think about this ball of water keeping it’s form in the middle of nothingness.  I know for some of you, you think I’m crazy but hold on to that thought for a minute.  HAVE YOU EVER thought about how small we are and how big God is?

I think one of the greatest dangers of Christianity is we’ve become used to the thought of God. He is bigger than your problems..he is bigger than your marriage, he is bigger than your finances, he is bigger than your church problems, he is bigger than you could ever imagine him and yet we confine him to the left side of our brain.  Become a right brain thinker and get lost in space over how BIG YOUR GOD IS!

So when is the last time you thought about how big God really is and how small you, your dreams, and your difficulties really are?

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I don’t always listen to Jesus!

September 10th, 2009

My oldest boy Malachi (2) has been flexing his Independence muscles over the last month. The other day he was working on his dare devil stunts as he was trying to climb onto one of his toys. When I noticed he was about to kill himself, I started yelling his name “Malachi…Malachi…Malachi” and he never acknowledged that I was calling his name. My frustration increased as my two year old son ignored me. So once again I called his name, “Malachi…Malachi…Malachi” and then, what I was trying to protect him from, happened. He fell and hurt himself.

As he started crying, even though I knew that he disobeyed me and as a result deserved to suffer the consequences, my heart was still saddened that he had to experience pain. He got up and ran to me with his arms wide open wanting to be comforted saying…”Dada, owy, Dada Malachi has an owy”. As he approached me, I could tell he could see the disappointment in my face, his cry went from a wine to a sob. I grabbed him, gave him a hug and then laid him down and said…”If you would have listened to Dada you wouldn’t have gotten hurt, daddy was trying to protect you”. At the exact time I was speaking those words I felt Jesus say to me…”This is exactly how I feel when you disobey me”. Malachi probably would have been disciplined more, but I honestly stopped disciplining Malachi and thought through what Jesus had just said to me, here’s what I got…

There are so many times in my life that I force my own agenda because I want to do what I want to do. In those times I can hear Jesus tugging on my heart saying…”Joshua…Joshua…Joshua” and at times I ignore it. Maybe it’s something like pride or anger or just simply making a decision without allowing Jesus to direct and speak to my heart first. As a result, I have suffered a lot of pain that was caused by not LISTENING to Jesus. My usually reaction to the pain I feel for disobeying Jesus, leads me into his arms and hopefully I will take my advice to Malachi and remember that Jesus my Daddy is only trying to protect me. WE MUST LISTEN TO JESUS…HOW? Get alone, be quiet and allow Jesus to speak.

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